Interactive Presentation of Simulation Results

This Shiny App presents the Results of the Simulation Study to Evaluate the Performance Characteristics of Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Time-To-Event Data Under Non-Proportional Hazards.


The app takes a few minutes to load when visiting the page for the first time or after emptying the browser cache, please be patient. This app uses shinylive, all R code runs locally in your browser and therefore depending on your computer and browser might be slow.

Browser support

Unfortunately the app does not run in a usable speed in current Firefox releases (as of January 2024). According to the bugtracker the firefox team is already working on the issue.
Please use a chrome based browser (chrome, edge, chromium, …) in the meantime.

I was not yet (January 2024) able to test the app in safari. If loading the app or generating the plots takes long, also try using the app from a chrome based browser.

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